The story of Trudy’s doesn’t start with food, although our scratch-made Tex-Mex and signature cocktails are certainly noteworthy.

To know Trudy’s, you have to meet our people.

You’d have to meet Esperanza, who ran the place when we first opened in 1977. You’d have to know Trudy, who took over the restaurant and inspired its name. You’d have to meet each and every one of the people who make this place what it is. The people we call family.

And if you’ve ever set foot in Trudy’s, you’re part of that family. This is the kind of joint where everyone knows your name, and your drink order.

It’s the kind of place you come back to with your own family and friends, time and time again. The spirit of Trudy’s is our loyal team and customers.

The people celebrating a win around a dish of loaded queso. The people winding down after a long day, or winding up for a fun night. The people who just enjoy a great meal. The people making those meals from scratch, back in the kitchen.

Authentic, homemade Tex-Mex is what put Trudy’s on the map. But it’s the people who make Trudy’s the true star that it is.





We Are Authentic

We’ve been an Austin institution since 1977, serving authentic Tex-Mex recipes and inventive cocktails from day one. We’re not a chain restaurant slinging wings and cheesy promos. We’re a local treasure offering genuinely good food and a good time.

We Are Dependable

At Trudy’s, you can always count on a satisfying meal and a memorable night. We make our delicious, authentic Tex-Mex recipes from scratch, and we’re not shy about portions. When you come to Trudy’s, you know you’ll be served the recipes you love at a reasonable price.

We Are memorable

This is where you enjoy your first of-age cocktail. It’s where the team comes when they win the home game. It’s where you spend a birthday, toast to a friend tying the knot, and cheers to a Friday night. Any night at Trudy’s is a night to remember.

We are a good time

Our food’s incredible, but it’s not the only reason people love Trudy’s. It’s the spirit of the place – the music, the cocktails, the people, the memories. You come to Trudy’s because it’s your neighborhood spot. You come to Trudy’s because no matter the day or the company, you can always count on a good time.

We are for all

Trudy’s is for everyone: Young, old, families, college students, working folk, and party people. No matter who you are or what mood you’re in, you’re welcome here.

We are the neighborhood spot for authentic, scratch-made Tex-Mex, oversized drinks and a genuinely good time.

Trudys of Town

Get to know some of our very own Trudys of Town. Sourced from all over central Texas, these women are the clear examples of what a strong, empowered Trudy looks like in today’s world.